Richard Simmons


One of the many popular fad diets being used by The Deal-a-Meal card game was developed specifically to help obese dieters to obtain fast weight loss .  With the Richard Simmons Deal-a-Meal card game a card is removed from one side of the wallet and moved to the other side after eating and when all cards have been used the dieter is done eating for the day.  This, according to its creator is supposed to allow obese dieters to attain fast weight loss .

Richard Simmons is a very well known fitness enthusiast who has helped many obese dieters to lose weight fast by way of diet programs, exercise videos and by general encouragement and enthusiasm.  Unfortunately these diet programs and exercise videos can do nothing to help non-obese dieters to attain fast weight loss .  Basically the Richard Simmons Deal-a-Meal card game is a reduced calorie diet program.  To attain fast weight loss dieters are doing nothing more than consuming less food in a controlled way by playing the card game.


The Richard Simmons Deal-a-Meal card game is effective for obese dieters because obese dieters have so much weight to lose that any dietary changes will help (even simple calorie reduction).  But for non-obese dieters who do not have as much weight to lose, the Deal-a-Meal card game will be of little benefit as the Deal-a-Meal card game can only cause weight loss (a loss of water weight and muscle tissue).  But people like Richard Simmons are smart to create diets for obese people as 80% of the adults in the U.S. are now considered to be obese.  And our society will continue to struggle with obesity and fat loss for countless years to come.

If you are a dieter who desires to lose pure body fat tissue and not just weight (water and muscle tissue) then the Richard Smz. Deal-a-Meal card game is not for you.  Never forget that there is no comparison between fat loss and fat loss .  Fad diets including the Richard Smz. Deal-a-Meal card game are to be used by dieters who desire to lose weight regardless of where the weight comes from.  But only a fat loss diet or a fat burning diet can rid the body of its body fat tissue.