Fat burning facts.



Much as they want to continue eating the way they are accustomed to?  It`s true, as 99% of all diet and exercise programs fail to give its users the results they desire.  How can this be when even the most ridiculous of weight loss programs will work to allow its user to lose weight fast?  Simple, people begin a diet and exercise program with the intention to begin losing weight but are not willing to change their present eating habits.

This important fact of dieting to lose weight cannot be ignored.  How can it be that if practically every diet and exercise program works, only 1% of dieters achieve their weight loss goals?  Obviously because dieters begin a new diet and exercise program with the greatest of intentions but soon realize that to lose weight actually takes effort.  And even though people may be desperate to attain weight loss via diet and exercise they do not want to attain weight loss as bad as they want to eat the foods that they love and which made them fat in the first place.


I cannot count the times I have heard dieters complain that they cannot lose weight no matter how hard they try, as I watch them spread another gob of butter on to their toast.  The average dieter does not even know that there is a difference between losing weight and burning fat tissue while on a diet and exercise program.  To lose weight means to lose water, muscle and organ tissue with little to no fat loss.  To burn fat on a diet and exercise program means to lose actual body fat tissue with no loss of water, muscle or organ tissue.

Dieters will continue to fail in their attempts to lose weight until they admit to themselves that they are responsible for their own dieting failures and stop placing the blame on diets they may have used or a presently using.  I mean really, the average overweight 50 year old woman has been on a diet of some sort for over 25 years and still has not reached her weight loss goals.  Over this time she has used dozens of diets and exercise programs to quickly lose fat yet amazingly all were bogus in her eyes.  Bogus, eventhough people who used the exact same diet and exercise programs experienced effective weight loss .